Eucharistic Miracle of Chirattakonam


Eucharistic Miracle of Chirattakonam
This Eucharistic Miracle took place recently, on May 5, 2001 at Trivandrum, India. In the consecrated Host, the face of a man resembling Christ crowned with thorns appeared. Father Johnson Karoor, pastor of the church where the Miracle occurred, recounts in his report: “On April 28, 2001, in the parish church of St. Mary at Chirattakonam, we began, as we do each year, our Novena to St. Jude Thaddeus. At 8:49 in the
morning, I exposed the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance and began
a time for public adoration.

After a few minutes, I saw three marks on the Holy Eucharist. At that point, I stopped praying and began to look at the monstrance, inviting the faithful also to wonder at the three marks. I then asked the faithful to remain praying and then put the monstrance back inside the tabernacle. On April 30, I celebrated Holy Mass and the day after I departed for Trivandrum. After returning, on May 5, 2001, I opened the church for the regular Masses, I prepared myself and I went to open the tabernacle to see what had happened to the Eucharistic host of the monstrance, and I at once noticed in it a figure resembling a human face. I was very moved and asked the faithful to kneel down and begin to pray. I thought that it was only I who had seen the face, and
then I asked the altar boy what he observed in the monstrance. He
answered, ‘I see the figure of a man.’ I noticed that the rest of the faithful also gazed intently at the monstrance.
We began the Adoration and as the minutes passed by, the figure of the manbecame more clearly defined. I did not have the courage to say anything, and I began to cry.
During the time of adoration, we had the custom of reading a passage from Sacred Scripture.The passage which fell upon me that day was the one from Chapter 20 of St. John’s Gospel,which recounts the episode when the Risen Jesus appeared to St. Thomas and asked him to look upon His wounds. I managed to say only a few words in my homily, and as I had to celebrate

Holy Mass at the neighboring parish of Kokkodu, I arranged for a photographer to come at once to take a picture of the Holy Eucharist with the human face inside it. The photographs were developed in two hours, and in every photo, the face appeared ever more clear.”
His Blessedness Cyril Mar Baselice, Archbishop of Trivandrum, wrote regarding this Miracle:
“[…] For us believers, what we saw is something we have always believed […] If Our Lord is speaking to us by giving us this sign, this most surely requires a response on our part.” The monstrance containing the Miraculous Host is still preserved in the church.

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